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LDR offers a high-quality range of lighting products featuring the latest LED technology. The products have been developed to provide emergency vehicles with optimal, glare-free light for inside and outside the vehicle.  We also provide LED handles, LED stair profiles and tank level displays with fully moulded LED technology. Excellent features such as their robust, fully moulded design, highly compact dimensions, custom-made manufacture and ease of installation make these lights suitable for demanding applications. We use only the latest electronic components from reputable manufacturers. Favourable heat transfer ensures operation well below critical temperature thresholds. The fully moulded polyurethane casing that encloses and protects the entire electronic system permits use of a high-pressure cleaner while ensuring many years of practically indestructible lighting in the toughest of conditions.

All LDR LED-Line products are manufactured in proven LDR quality and are subjected to several hours of functional testing prior to delivery!

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