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Accessories from LDR-Rolltechnik for automotive applications and vehicle engineering.

Easy to mount – versatile in application.

These high-quality accessories are useful helpers when it comes to securely stowing tools and equipment in a vehicle.

With our stainless steel spring clips, for example, all items with long handles (brooms, shovels, clearing blades etc.) can be easily secured. The diameters available, from 10 mm to 70 mm, offer you flexible possibilities for use.

The product range includes plastic clips with retaining brackets for cylindrical items of equipment with diameters of up to 180 mm.

Galvanised locking bearings with brackets are available in sizes from 50 mm to 90 mm; these are suitable for securing objects with asymmetrical handles (e.g. axes or pickaxes). We supply plastic and metal support plates for all standard Storz hose couplings, so that fire-fighting equipment is reliably secured in the vehicle. Fitted with bayonet locks, the couplings can be quickly removed from their supports.

All accessories can also be integrated into our LDR tilting drawers. Together they constitute a secure, stable and flexible system for stowing items of equipment and tools in a vehicle. For special applications with heavy-load trays, for example, and for repairs our product range includes various grab handles and locking mechanisms.

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