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LDR LED-Line – Handle

Handles in vehicles, particularly in public transport, ensure a safe grip while travelling or when entering or exiting a vehicle. Crew cabins of fire-fighting vehicles, ambulances and commercial vehicles are also fitted with several LED-handles in the door areas and on the headlining. In an emergency, the team needs to prepare operations in a confined space, but the driver should not be unnecessarily dazzled by light. To meet these conflicting demands, the crew cabins of today’s emergency vehicles are illuminated in red, green, orange or blue light when in motion. On arrival at the scene, the same LED-handles in the cabin can then be illuminated with white light: the LDR handle has integrated lighting that can be switched from white to colored light. We can also provide high-quality RGB LEDs for further coloration, e.g. for backlighting or contour illumination of machinery and vehicles.

The round handle can be rotated in the LDR mounting during installation, so that you can switch between direct and indirect light depending on your requirements. Its 30-mm diameter allows the use of commercially available mounting equipment. In addition to zinc yellow (RAL 1018) as standard, we also offer anodised surfaces (E6/EV1); further colors are available on demand. The handles are manufactured according to your specific wishes (length, light color) within 2 to 3 weeks.

Possible areas of application include use in public transport and commercial vehicles, as an LED roof rail (e.g. on top of the vehicle or Container), as Backlight in Passenger compartments, for installation as an LED machine handle or in the equipment manufacturing industry (in combination with a 30-mm tube system); the handle can also provide a status signal on machinery (e.g. red/green or blue/orange) or serve as an exterior filling level indicator on tanker vehicles. The LED must be connected to the 12V or 24V onboard power supply with an appropriate installed fuse.

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