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LDR LED-Line colour – Hat 22
Externally mounted tank level indicators for the timely refilling of additional firefighting water and foaming agent.

The tank level indicator set into the vehicle body are clearly visible to the firefighting personnel which helps prevent the tanks from unintentionally being run dry in the hectic conditions of a firefighting operation.

Blue and red LEDs for the water tank, orange and red LEDs for the foaming agent tank have now gained general acceptance for identification. Green LEDs or our RGB LED products can also of course be installed in this profile, to give you an opportunity for individualised combinations. This gives rise to further possible applications, e.g. as background lighting for special vehicles and ambulances, status indications in engineering applications (e.g. red/green) or for interior lighting.

Thanks to its “hat” contour with compact dimensions of 22 mm x 12.15 mm, the anodized profile can be flat mounted; the cutout is covered and has a clear-cut, high-quality visual appearance.

Our profile is available ex-stock in a standard length of 2000 mm, with further lengths available on request. The cable exit at the rear enables simple routing of the connection cables. The LED must be connected to the 12V or 24V onboard power supply with an appropriate preliminary fuse.

The vehicle can be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner.