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LDR LED-Line – Aluminum engineering profile
Where machinery and vehicles are in use, effective and reliable illumination is required.

Aluminum LED-profiles are being used to an increasing extent in mechanical engineering and automotive production. For these modular systems LDR flush-mounted illumination elements entirely without irritating contours, providing maximum protection against damage and all environmental influences.

We use free profile grooves as mounting points for efficient LED illumination elements and for coloured status and signal displays on machinery. White and variously colored LEDs can be combined in a groove, and we can also offer you high-quality RGB LEDs. The integral polyurethane casting, which encloses and protects the entire electronic unit, makes for illumination elements that enable many years of operation in harsh environments. The system profiles can be produced in overall lengths of up to 5300 mm within 2 to 3 weeks. Connection cables are available in various lengths from 1 m to 10 m. The LED must be connected to the 12V or 24V onboard power supply with an appropriate preliminary fuse, or alternatively to the machinery control unit. Depending on the environment, cleaning can be carried out with equipment ranging from a damp cloth to a high-pressure cleaner.