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LDR LED-Line A30 - Typ 18 x 11mm
With its aluminum light profiles, LDR provides optimal uniform, glare-free illumination in equipment areas with uneven surfaces and niches. The best results are achieved by installing the LED-Line 18x11 profiles vertically at the side behind the guide rails, directed towards the interior. This protects the lights against mechanical damage, and they do not dazzle the user. The lighting products are of robust design with an aluminum casing and are fully moulded in polyurethane.

The Profiles have a highly compact cross-section of 18x11mm and are available in 200mm graded standard lengths in order to make optimum use of any installation space. The LED lamps are available ex-stock in the color temperatures daylight white and neutral white or with high-quality RGB LEDs according to the customer’s wishes; they can be delivered within 2 to 3 weeks. The LEDs must be connected to the 12V or 24V onboard power supply with an appropriate installed fuse.

The mounting equipment comes with robust plastic universal mounting brackets, which secure the aluminum profiles at both ends. The angle of the brackets is adjustable for optimum orientation of the lighting. Various adapters allow for easy mounting on our LDR shutter guide rails or on most standard aluminum profile systems with groove widths of 6 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm.

A further installation option is to use stainless steel U-clamps that allow LED-profile of all lengths to be flush-mounted. Sturdy, angled brackets of edged stainless steel are available for special installation scenarios.

With their robust, practically indestructible design, combined with highly compact dimensions and unlimited installation possibilities, the LDR LED-Line 18x11 is ideally suited for demanding applications.

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