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LDR LED-Line A60 – D002 and D003
Illumination of a vehicle’s surroundings requires the use of long, continuous aluminum LED lamps with a moderate output. These prevent glare and provide uniform illumination with a minimum of shadows. The area is illuminated to a distance of 6 m from the vehicle contour, even under adverse conditions. LDR’s technology enables us to provide custom-made exterior lighting profiles in lengths of up to 5300 mm, depending on the type of profile. The LDR LED-Line D002 and D003 aluminum profiles are easy-to-install surface-mounted units with a depth of just 22 mm. Their compact size makes these LEDs suitable for the following applications:

  • New vehicles with LDR aluminum shutters or technically adapted products. With its integrated gutter and reverse-side rubber lip for sealing off the shutter from above, the D002 exterior lighting profile takes on the function of the traditional rain guard.
  • The D003 profile can be mounted directly to the upper edge of the vehicle body or to any right-angled edge, e.g. box bodies, containers or storage boxes.
  • For older fire vehicles without or with only insufficient exterior lighting, the lighting products can be mounted above the shutter along the entire length of the roof gallery.


Whether a brand new vehicles or retrofits, our LDR LED-Line products follow the proven LDR product philosophy: easy installation, customised flexibility, delivery within 2 to 3 weeks and carefully thought-through, tested quality. Thanks to the cable duct provided, the cable can pass through the vehicle shell at any point. Grooves on the back of the aluminum profile make them easy to assemble to various types of vehicles. The LED must be connected to the 12V or 24V onboard power supply with an appropriate installed fuse.

The vehicle can be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner.

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