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LDR LED-Line colour – Step
Steps are an everyday tripping hazard and carry a high risk of accidents. Stairway areas on buses or emergency vehicles, for example, are therefore illuminated to minimise the risk of tripping.

An elegant option is the LDR staircase profile with integrated robust LED technology. Proper visual recognisability of the steps’ edges greatly improves safety during day and night. In addition, the product helps prevent slipping thanks to its grooved surface. Its anodised surface and abrasion-resistant polyurethane potting make the profile and the LED technology resistant to mechanical stress and moisture. As standard, the LED-Line staircase comes with blue LED contour markings; high-quality RGB LEDs are also available on request.

The profiles are manufactured in customer-specific lengths within 2 to 3 weeks. By slightly shortening the lateral overhang of the profile’s edge, it can be precisely adapted to the specific situation during installation. The profile is either secured with countersunk screws or glued. On the back, the cable duct provides sufficient flexibility for laying the cables. The LED must be connected to the 12V or 24V onboard power supply with an appropriate preliminary fuse.

Typical uses: marking access stairs to crew cabins in fire engines, commercial vehicles and buses, and for folding steps in fire engines.

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